“All men by nature desire knowledge” – Aristotle


Our success is not just based on our many years of experience and awareness of the travel industry, but also on a profound knowledge of the actual source market.




We believe it is vital to be aware of the economic potential of the market in order to get a better understanding and forecast of the potential and possibilities of its outbound business.



10 countries

US$ 2.4 trillion combined annual GDP as of 2015

625 million population / consumer base

4.4. million sq km land area

Australia flag Australia
GDP (PPP): US$1.137 trillion

Population : 24,120,000

Land area : 7,692,024 sq km

Bangladesh flag Bangladesh
GDP (PPP): US$572.440 billion

Population: 171,700,000

Land area: 147,570 sq km

Brunei 2 Brunei
GDP (PPP): US$25.245 billion

Population: 418,000

Land area: 5,765 sq km

Cambodia flag Cambodia
GDP (PPP): US$54.035 billion

Population: 15,460,335

Land area: 181,035 sq km

Canada flag Canada
GDP (PPP): US$1.628 trillion

Population: 36,048,523

Land area: 9,948,670 sq km

China flag China
GDP (PPP): US$ 20.853 trillion

Population: 1,376,049,000

Land area: 9,596,961 sq km

Hong Kong flag Hong Kong
GDP (PPP): US$ 20.853 trillion

Population: 1,376,049,000

Land area: 9,596,961 sq km

India flag India
GDP (PPP): US$8.027 trillion

Population: 1,277,280, 000

Land area: 3,287,263 sq km

Indonesia flag Indonesia
GDP (PPP): US$2.840 trillion

Population: 255,480,700

Land area: 1,904,569 sq km

Japan flag Japan
GDP (PPP): US$4.842 trillion

Population : 126,919,659

Land area: 377,972 sq km

South Korea flag Korea (South)
GDP (PPP): US$1,916 trillion

Population: 50,801,405

Land area: 100,210 sq km

Laos flag Laos
GDP (PPP): US$34.400 billion

Population: 6,804,210

Land area: 236,800 sq km

Malaysia 2 Malaysia
GDP (PPP): US$800.169 billion

Population: 31,081,000

Land area : 330,803 sq km

Mexico flag Mexico
GDP (PPP): US$2.224 trillion

Population: 119,530,753

Land area: 1,972,550 sq km

Myanmar flag Myanmar
GDP (PPP): US$269.99 billion

Population: 51,488,850

Land area: 676,578 sq km

Nepal flag Nepal
GDP (PPP): US$74.020 billion

Population: 26,496,350

Land area: 147,181 sq km

New Zealand flag New Zealand
GDP (PPP): US$173.2  billion

Population: 4,693,830

Land area: 268,021 sq km

Pakistan flag Pakistan
GDP (PPP): US$340  billion

Population: 209,970,000

Land area: 881,913 sq km

Philippines flag Philippines
GDP (PPP): US$874  billion

Population: 100,981,400

Land area: 343,448 sq km

Singapore flag Singapore
GDP (PPP): US$452.686 billion

Population: 5,535,000

Land area: 719.1 sq km

Sri Lanka flag Sri Lanka
GDP (PPP): US$233.637 billion

Population: 20,279,500

Land area: 65,610 sq km

Taiwan flag Taiwan
GDP (PPP): US$1,021.607 billion

Population: 23,476,640

Land area : 36,193 sq km

Thailand 2 Thailand
GDP (PPP): US$1.152 trillion

Population: 67,959,000

Land area: 513,120 sq km

UAE - Dubai flag UAE – Dubai
GDP (PPP): US$82.9 billion

Population: 2,502,715

Land area: 4,114 sq km

GDP (PPP): US$17.947 trillion

Population: 323,625,762

Land area: 9,147,593 sq km

Vietnam flag Vietnam
GDP (PPP): US$593.509 billion

Population: 91,700,000

Land area: 332,698 sq km